Falling in love

Kaveri was always waiting for Mr. Right.  She loved dressing up and wearing makeup. Her best friend was just the opposite and seldom cared for her looks. Kaveri could not afford to do that since she was always waiting for her Man.

He appeared. A shy man who fell head over heals in love with Kaveri. It was during a month’s training on Kaveri’s first job. A new place and new faces. It was easy to fall in love. The exhuberant, carefree Kaveri finally found Mr. Right. They roamed around amidst friends getting to know each other. Kaveri the chatterbox and Kumar the quiet one.

Being the youngest in a family of five she was always the pet and got what she wanted. This Mr. Right would be another of her need. Besides he was of the same community. There was nothing her parents could say against him. An educated man ready to take care of Kaveri.

And thus the wedding was fixed.

Get out! Get out! Voices in her head.

Someone was telling her to get out of this relationship.

Ominous feelings came clouding over her and she almost agreed to the voices. But then she thought about her dear Father. The Gandhian who never bowed in front of anyone. The one who never hurt even a fly. How shall her Father explain this to his relations. The wedding invitations were already out.

No, she has to go ahead. Those voices are to be ignored.